Thursday, June 17, 2010

Loving My LittlePods SoftPack Carrier Review.

Hari ini I sangat suka. Ngeh ngeh ngeh. Macam berbunga-bunga je hati kecil comel I ni pattern bunga pada bag seperti gambar di bawah. ( Ewahh...skemanya ayat! hik hik ).

This is the Softpack Carrier Pouch, it comes together with the carrier.

Dah lama I idamkan this carrier tapi baru sekarang dapat beli. Walaupun kena pot pet ngan si daddy pasal beli this SoftPack Carrier, but tak kira I tetap rasa happy. =D ngeeeeee...

This carrier called as SoftPack Carrier. And it is by LittlePods. The actual price is RM 199. However, I got it for RM 169 at Little Whiz is having it on sale. Sangat tempting that I have to own it. (^^,) Sayangnyer, has stop selling it. I am not sure kenape. However, as usual I would search for some review about the product and most give a very good feedback about this LittlePods Softpack Carrier. So I was thinking, why not giving it a try!

I have always love babywearing. And the reasons for me falling in love with this LittlePodsSoftPack Carrier are the way they designed the carrier makes the bonding between mother and child closer. Besides it is light weight which is easy to keep and carried around and also because of the cotton fabrics and also the funky designs that they offers. My choice of design would be Carnival.

(Picture taken from

Cantikkan? Btw, I've tried it on yesterday but tak sempat nak capture any photos. Soon, I will post on how will it look when wearing it, InsyaAllah. Hik hik.

**Nota kaki yang wangi : Masih sangat happy, senyum sampai ke telinga. =D

Salam BabyWearing.

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