Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Handsome Bf vs Loving Hubby

When I was much younger, a handsome bf would means so much to me. Kononnyer...saper tak bangga ade bf yang handsome tampan lagi bergaya! Apatah lagi kalau dari family yang kaya raya. Owh well, I believe...all these conditions commonly have in all gals out there. Maybe it's the environment buatkan 'status' tu main peranan penting.

As I grow older, I realised..handsome does not only mean by the look. But also by the brain. Meaning...bijak pandai lagi bestari. Kononnyer...punyai masa depan yang cerah orang yang handsome brain ni. Which I find it is very true. Somehow this point would help alot.

And now, as I grow a lot more older. Or perhaps in other words is...a lot wiser. I started to understand handsome does also should include not only brain but also heart! A handsome heart. Meaning...baik hati, loving dan caring. Since I knew a handsome brain and heart, I consider a handsome looking face meant nothing if no handsome brain and heart. Err...faham ker?? =P

In formula :

handsome face - ( handsome brain + handsome heart ) = ZERO

handsome brain + handsome heart + not so-handsome face = LUCKY

handsome brain + handsome heart + handsome face = VERY LUCKY

In my case, I fall in love with my loving hubby. And don't even care about having a handsome boyfriend. Because? Handsome face does not last. They will get old. Heart & Brain does last. Even growing more beautifully.

Last 23rd May 2010, which falls on Sunday. It was our 2nd Year Wedding Anniversary. However we managed to find some time to spend time together for a simple dinner. We picked Chili's Restaurant, Bangsar Shopping Centre for this year. If last year, we celebrated just the two of us. But this year, we celebrated the three of us!

The loving hubby.

My fruit of love joining the celebration.

My new love.

My Wierd-Name smoothies.


Presidente Magarita.
(alcohol-free of course!)

Hubby new-love beverage.

He said this drink remind him so much of Virgin Margarita.

My Chicken Quessadillas.

It tastes gooooood! A-must-try dish.

Hubby's half-done burger. See how thick the meat is.

It is called BBQ Ranch Burger.

Mac & Cheese Pasta!
(Supposed to be a kid's meal)

**Nota kaki : Happy 2nd Year Anniversary Yayang!

Salam Cinta


Eena said...

Hepi 2nd Anniversary to both of u...samala ngn eena..mine on 28/5/..our 5th Anniversary.....;)

haQ said...

thanks eena:)

happy anniversary to both of you too..

kim slam sama handsome hubby k ;)

Hi !! I'm Bulan .... said...

Thanks Eena..whoaaa, what a coincident laa. Date kiter dekat2. ;-)

Happy 5th Anniversary for you both too... =D