Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Enfalac A+ Review

Frankly, anything related to my baby... I have to admit that I can become seriously fussy about it. Niat I suci lagi murni...just wanted the best for my tersayang.

Briefly, besides of son Daniel first formula milk began with Mamex Gold. It was a gift from my brother. He seems fine with the Mamex Gold, by not having any allergies nor problem with it. However, me and hubby dah lama decide to feed him with Enfalac A+. As for the nutritions benefits that we like most. Therefore, after the packed finished we began to feed him with Enfalac A+ since then.

Our Enfalac A+ stocks at home. BANYAKNYER!! Yess...there's 2 dozens in there!

At first week of my baby Enfalac A+ experience is his stools was a bit hard. And he did not pass-motioned as often as when he consumed Mamex Gold. To be precise, he only pass-motion selang sehari. At first I macam risau jugak. But then, after gather some opinions from our close friends, we've been informed that matter is quite normal to happen whenever the baby switched milk. Well, I found out that it is true though! Lega hati I...hehe.

There was a few of my friends did asked me, why did we decided to switch milk walhal my baby was already fine with Mamex Gold. Hmmm...soklan cepu emas ni! =P Bukannyer susu Mamex Gold tu tak bagus. Mamex Gold is one of the best fomula milk in the market, I have to admit. However, I find out that Enfalac A+ attracted me most. From me and hubby's study about the milk nutritional fact, Enfalac A+ gives the most essentials that we wanted for our baby growth (DHA & ARA, Triple ProGard, Dwiserat, Zinc and Vitamin A).

There is 3 main reasons of me choosing the best formula milk :
1. Provides Good Health.
To have an excellent immune system and a strong body and bone. To be an active baby.
2. Boost Brain development
To have a focus mind and healthy growing brain cells. To be a fast learner and alert with the surroundings.
3. From Own Observation
Observed from friends' children that consumed various kind of milk and their development.

And therefore, Enfalac A+ become our choice for our baby. Syukur Alhamdulillah, Daniel doesn't have any problem with it. He grows to be a strong baby boy and even very active. Very healthy indeed (Alhamdulillah..), so far tak pernah demam (even everytime we he had his monthly injection). He had a runny nose only once so far (when he was 2 and half months) but had recovered within 5 days. For his skill development, he is a fast learner in verbal, visual and motor skill development too. The funny part is, he prefers to stand rather than being on his tummy or sit. Ish ish ish.

Even ramai yang mistakenly thought that Daniel is already 6 -7 months, while actually he is just 4 months plus. Hik hik hik...sihat betul anak mama ni. ;) *Alhamdulillah.

On top of all, undeniable mother's milk is still the best. Tiada tandingnya. I guess I was just one of the unfortunate that have poor breast milk. Plus lately ni Daniel began to refuse to breasfeed. *Sedey. Takpe la, maybe ade hikmah nyer.

Salam Susu Terbaik.


Anonymous said...

OMG!! You purchased 2 dozen before the price hike up?? It's a lot man !!

Hi !! I'm Bulan .... said...

Yup yup! Luckily we got it for quite at cheap price at one of the sen sei nearby for RM 55.20 each. The new price is a real killer.

@映 said...
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