Monday, June 14, 2010

Decluttering Week

When I saw my watch this morning, I was like..."'s already June 14, 2010!". Cepatnyer masa berlalu. =( Frankly, I felt kinda disappointed with myself as I've been abandoned this blog for more than a week. Sighh...

Actually, this time I was not on outstation again. But been busy decluttering my house. WtH?? decluttering for the whole week??!! Yes darling, it does take me the whole week. If your house been left for almost a month or more, obviously there will be lotsa things to be cleaned. Especially if you doing it all by yourself. Kalau ader bibik untuk bantu tu lain la cerita kan...Plus, sakit je mata dan maka turun la ke hati melihat rumah yang macam tongkang pecah... kan? hik hik... =P

Seriously memang penat to clean up the mess. But it have to be done, anyway. Kalau upah orang memang rasa macam tak puas hati. Sebab maybe cara orang lain kemas tak sama dengan cara kiter. Lebih-lebih lagi I ni memang agak particular about hygiene and cleanliness. Btw, tak dapat di nafikan having a growing and active baby around sambil nak kemas rumah memang agak kelam-kabut dibuatnyer. Takperr... exercise! Haha..

Btw, seems I've been talking about decluttering and house chores ni...pernah tak you all meet wonder, macam maner some people able to superbly manage and cope with their life ( work, house, garden, cooking, family and etc) everyday. Orang-orang ni memang hebat. Kalau nak tau rahsianyer, kena baca buku ni....

10,001 Time Saving Ideas by Reader's Digest

My comment, this book memang superb. I bought it at BookXcess bookstore at AmCorp Mall, Petaling Jaya. When I bought this book I don't even know that it was actually on New Arrival. What I paid was so much more worth it. Believe it or not, it only costs me RM 24.90! A hard cover with so much useful infos that will help you to get through life smoothly.

So apalagi..pergi la grab satu! hehe

Salam Kehidupan

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