Friday, June 18, 2010

See You There!

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Loving My LittlePods SoftPack Carrier Review.

Hari ini I sangat suka. Ngeh ngeh ngeh. Macam berbunga-bunga je hati kecil comel I ni pattern bunga pada bag seperti gambar di bawah. ( Ewahh...skemanya ayat! hik hik ).

This is the Softpack Carrier Pouch, it comes together with the carrier.

Dah lama I idamkan this carrier tapi baru sekarang dapat beli. Walaupun kena pot pet ngan si daddy pasal beli this SoftPack Carrier, but tak kira I tetap rasa happy. =D ngeeeeee...

This carrier called as SoftPack Carrier. And it is by LittlePods. The actual price is RM 199. However, I got it for RM 169 at Little Whiz is having it on sale. Sangat tempting that I have to own it. (^^,) Sayangnyer, has stop selling it. I am not sure kenape. However, as usual I would search for some review about the product and most give a very good feedback about this LittlePods Softpack Carrier. So I was thinking, why not giving it a try!

I have always love babywearing. And the reasons for me falling in love with this LittlePodsSoftPack Carrier are the way they designed the carrier makes the bonding between mother and child closer. Besides it is light weight which is easy to keep and carried around and also because of the cotton fabrics and also the funky designs that they offers. My choice of design would be Carnival.

(Picture taken from

Cantikkan? Btw, I've tried it on yesterday but tak sempat nak capture any photos. Soon, I will post on how will it look when wearing it, InsyaAllah. Hik hik.

**Nota kaki yang wangi : Masih sangat happy, senyum sampai ke telinga. =D

Salam BabyWearing.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Enfalac A+ Review

Frankly, anything related to my baby... I have to admit that I can become seriously fussy about it. Niat I suci lagi murni...just wanted the best for my tersayang.

Briefly, besides of son Daniel first formula milk began with Mamex Gold. It was a gift from my brother. He seems fine with the Mamex Gold, by not having any allergies nor problem with it. However, me and hubby dah lama decide to feed him with Enfalac A+. As for the nutritions benefits that we like most. Therefore, after the packed finished we began to feed him with Enfalac A+ since then.

Our Enfalac A+ stocks at home. BANYAKNYER!! Yess...there's 2 dozens in there!

At first week of my baby Enfalac A+ experience is his stools was a bit hard. And he did not pass-motioned as often as when he consumed Mamex Gold. To be precise, he only pass-motion selang sehari. At first I macam risau jugak. But then, after gather some opinions from our close friends, we've been informed that matter is quite normal to happen whenever the baby switched milk. Well, I found out that it is true though! Lega hati I...hehe.

There was a few of my friends did asked me, why did we decided to switch milk walhal my baby was already fine with Mamex Gold. Hmmm...soklan cepu emas ni! =P Bukannyer susu Mamex Gold tu tak bagus. Mamex Gold is one of the best fomula milk in the market, I have to admit. However, I find out that Enfalac A+ attracted me most. From me and hubby's study about the milk nutritional fact, Enfalac A+ gives the most essentials that we wanted for our baby growth (DHA & ARA, Triple ProGard, Dwiserat, Zinc and Vitamin A).

There is 3 main reasons of me choosing the best formula milk :
1. Provides Good Health.
To have an excellent immune system and a strong body and bone. To be an active baby.
2. Boost Brain development
To have a focus mind and healthy growing brain cells. To be a fast learner and alert with the surroundings.
3. From Own Observation
Observed from friends' children that consumed various kind of milk and their development.

And therefore, Enfalac A+ become our choice for our baby. Syukur Alhamdulillah, Daniel doesn't have any problem with it. He grows to be a strong baby boy and even very active. Very healthy indeed (Alhamdulillah..), so far tak pernah demam (even everytime we he had his monthly injection). He had a runny nose only once so far (when he was 2 and half months) but had recovered within 5 days. For his skill development, he is a fast learner in verbal, visual and motor skill development too. The funny part is, he prefers to stand rather than being on his tummy or sit. Ish ish ish.

Even ramai yang mistakenly thought that Daniel is already 6 -7 months, while actually he is just 4 months plus. Hik hik hik...sihat betul anak mama ni. ;) *Alhamdulillah.

On top of all, undeniable mother's milk is still the best. Tiada tandingnya. I guess I was just one of the unfortunate that have poor breast milk. Plus lately ni Daniel began to refuse to breasfeed. *Sedey. Takpe la, maybe ade hikmah nyer.

Salam Susu Terbaik.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Decluttering Week

When I saw my watch this morning, I was like..."'s already June 14, 2010!". Cepatnyer masa berlalu. =( Frankly, I felt kinda disappointed with myself as I've been abandoned this blog for more than a week. Sighh...

Actually, this time I was not on outstation again. But been busy decluttering my house. WtH?? decluttering for the whole week??!! Yes darling, it does take me the whole week. If your house been left for almost a month or more, obviously there will be lotsa things to be cleaned. Especially if you doing it all by yourself. Kalau ader bibik untuk bantu tu lain la cerita kan...Plus, sakit je mata dan maka turun la ke hati melihat rumah yang macam tongkang pecah... kan? hik hik... =P

Seriously memang penat to clean up the mess. But it have to be done, anyway. Kalau upah orang memang rasa macam tak puas hati. Sebab maybe cara orang lain kemas tak sama dengan cara kiter. Lebih-lebih lagi I ni memang agak particular about hygiene and cleanliness. Btw, tak dapat di nafikan having a growing and active baby around sambil nak kemas rumah memang agak kelam-kabut dibuatnyer. Takperr... exercise! Haha..

Btw, seems I've been talking about decluttering and house chores ni...pernah tak you all meet wonder, macam maner some people able to superbly manage and cope with their life ( work, house, garden, cooking, family and etc) everyday. Orang-orang ni memang hebat. Kalau nak tau rahsianyer, kena baca buku ni....

10,001 Time Saving Ideas by Reader's Digest

My comment, this book memang superb. I bought it at BookXcess bookstore at AmCorp Mall, Petaling Jaya. When I bought this book I don't even know that it was actually on New Arrival. What I paid was so much more worth it. Believe it or not, it only costs me RM 24.90! A hard cover with so much useful infos that will help you to get through life smoothly.

So apalagi..pergi la grab satu! hehe

Salam Kehidupan

Friday, June 4, 2010

Teh Tarik, I lurveeeee !

Ever since I was in my final trimester of pregnancy I became crazily crazy over teh tarik. Kalau satu malam tertinggal teh tarik, alamatnya tak tido la I malam tu. Termimpi-mimpi. Terbayang-bayang. Terkenan-kenan kan teh tarik yang sedap lagi enak dan berkrim itu. Ewahhhh! =P

Yang peliknyer, I thought perangai gilerkan teh tarik ni akan hilang once I dah labour nanti. TETAPI ! harapannn.... [-_-]" Kegilaan teh tarik itu tak hilang di mamah proses meneran bersalin tu. Ianya masih kekal. Ye masih kekal sebati dengan tekak beta ni wahai rakyat jelata. Hik hik. Sambil menaip ni pun ade teh tarik di sebelah I tau...

Alkisahnyer, I ni pada suatu ketika dulu (ish..macam annoying pulak ayat ni) memang sangat sebati dengan Cham Ice. Perghhhhhh. Takpun Nescafe Ice. Perggghhhh. Ish ish ish...yang rase ala kelat melat tu la idaman hati dan pujaan hatiku. Tapi memandangkan kafein itu tidak baik untuk perempuan yang bunting aka preggy, maka secara tak sengaja hubby telah memperkenalkan I kepada En. Teh Tarik. Sejak pengenalan itu bibit cinta kami telah ter-putik dan kekal sehingga kini. Agak cuak jugak masa baby Daniel keluar kulit dier ade ala-ala kaler teh tarik. Sebbaik sekarang dah makin cerah, tampan lagi bergaya. Hik hik.

Semalam, sedang kami berjalan di Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang Jaya...tetiba ternampak la pulak restoran Teh Tarik Place. Perghhh...hapa lagiiii, haruslah singgah dinner di situ. =D

The signboard design I suka. Creative!
As if showing the teh tarik liquid forming the word.

Hik hik..this pic macam gothic efx jer. Not bad huh!
Walhal my camera shaky. =P
Love the theme writen on the entrance wall;
"from Malaysia with LOve..."

Teh Tarik Place's menu.

Hubby is waiting for the food with satisfied face.
The wooden table. Memang macam kedai kopi kat kampung lah!

Actually hubby baru je find out from the supervisors that this restaurant belongs to TGI Friday's. Believe it or not! I think they are brilliant. TGI Friday Restaurant actually brings up the concept of the western restaurant there. And therefore, to cater the market here widely...they come up the malaysian's lifestyle as their new concept strategy. And of course I was quite impress with their supervisors' style, very professional indeed. Really reminds me of TGI's waiters. And I'm not surprised if they actually use to work there before.

At first I was wondering, was these restaurant tak sempat siap or...
they simply leave it as part of their concept.
Yup, it is actually their concept to be seen like that.

Tin kosong as their receipt/bill holder. Cool lah!

Please focus on the wall feature behind me. Unique isn't it?!
(ps: My face looks weird lah, the spotlight above me creates my feature look something not right about it =P)

Owhh yeahh..the Teh Tarik !

And this is the Charm Ice. (eerr...Charm?! yes they spell it that way instead of the usual 'Cham').

Hubby ordered Mee Goreng (recommended by the supervisor).
Look simple but tastes nice (accept too little for hubby ku yang cumil..hik hik).

Mine is Asam Laksa.
At first look I was thinking, where the h**l is the condiments? Ni mesti tak sedap!
Tooootttt I was tastes quite nice. And I love it! =)

Hubby's 2nd dish...tosai!
Taste? I tak sempat rase coz hubby dah settlekan semua dengan cepatnyer. =(

Yang lagi bestnyer about this place is...they even have nasi kerabu in the menu. Both of us LOVE nasi kerabu! Sayangnyer...dah habis by lunch time lagi. So telan air liur je la ...gulp! -_-

Demi semangat nasi kerabu! Kitorang repeat datang balik the next day during lunch time...haha!

The precious nasi kerabu (with ayam percik, telur masin and keropok).

**nota kaki : Price dier not bad..a-must-try restaurant! Infact at The Curve and One Utama pun ader 'Teh Tarik Place' ni jugak.

Salam teh tarik.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tips to Find Perfect Gifts

Pernah tak korang face any problem nak carik gift untuk ape saje occassions? I selalu ade! Actually nak carik gift ni bukan tugas yang senang. Especially kalau I beli gift tu last minute or unplanned...banyak prob yang I akan hadapi!

Based on my experience when I bought gift last minute or unplanned, usually I will end up :
1. Can't find the right/best gift for the occasion.
2. After paying for the gift selalunya akan menyesal, sebab jumpa gift yang lagi best lepas tu.
3. Spend over budget for the gift.
4. Can't find a nice wrapper.
5. My wishing card design sangat buruk.
6. Arrived late for the occasion.

Oleh itu ye kawan-kawan, hereby I found this useful tips at Super Pages Booklet that perhaps may help us in some way.

The Tips to Find Perfect Gifts :

1. Form A List :
Start by making a master list of all of the occasions for the next coming twelve months. Sort the list into each month of the year.

2. Start Making Notes :
Put remarks on whom you would like to give gifts to and jot down their hobbies, passions and preferences. Eventually, you'll have a list of gift ideas for each person on your list, and will be more attuned to potential gifts for them.

3. Shop Regularly :
Get opportunity to shop for gifts when you are out of the house. Else, you may also set aside an hour or two at the beginning of each month to do your shopping. (I.e : If there is any occasion for December, start doing gift shopping in the beginning of November).

4. Get Extras :
You may need extra gifts as a ready supply in case of any last minute occasions and to prevent from getting caught empty handed.

5. Prepare wrapping materials :
Make sure to keep it handy so that when any sudden occasion arise, you are ready to prepare the gifts in a jiffy.

don't forget to smile during the occasion!

Salam Senyum

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Handsome Bf vs Loving Hubby

When I was much younger, a handsome bf would means so much to me. Kononnyer...saper tak bangga ade bf yang handsome tampan lagi bergaya! Apatah lagi kalau dari family yang kaya raya. Owh well, I believe...all these conditions commonly have in all gals out there. Maybe it's the environment buatkan 'status' tu main peranan penting.

As I grow older, I realised..handsome does not only mean by the look. But also by the brain. Meaning...bijak pandai lagi bestari. Kononnyer...punyai masa depan yang cerah orang yang handsome brain ni. Which I find it is very true. Somehow this point would help alot.

And now, as I grow a lot more older. Or perhaps in other words is...a lot wiser. I started to understand handsome does also should include not only brain but also heart! A handsome heart. Meaning...baik hati, loving dan caring. Since I knew a handsome brain and heart, I consider a handsome looking face meant nothing if no handsome brain and heart. Err...faham ker?? =P

In formula :

handsome face - ( handsome brain + handsome heart ) = ZERO

handsome brain + handsome heart + not so-handsome face = LUCKY

handsome brain + handsome heart + handsome face = VERY LUCKY

In my case, I fall in love with my loving hubby. And don't even care about having a handsome boyfriend. Because? Handsome face does not last. They will get old. Heart & Brain does last. Even growing more beautifully.

Last 23rd May 2010, which falls on Sunday. It was our 2nd Year Wedding Anniversary. However we managed to find some time to spend time together for a simple dinner. We picked Chili's Restaurant, Bangsar Shopping Centre for this year. If last year, we celebrated just the two of us. But this year, we celebrated the three of us!

The loving hubby.

My fruit of love joining the celebration.

My new love.

My Wierd-Name smoothies.


Presidente Magarita.
(alcohol-free of course!)

Hubby new-love beverage.

He said this drink remind him so much of Virgin Margarita.

My Chicken Quessadillas.

It tastes gooooood! A-must-try dish.

Hubby's half-done burger. See how thick the meat is.

It is called BBQ Ranch Burger.

Mac & Cheese Pasta!
(Supposed to be a kid's meal)

**Nota kaki : Happy 2nd Year Anniversary Yayang!

Salam Cinta