Monday, May 31, 2010

From South to East.

Believe it or not, I was at South (Malaysia of course) last weekend. And yesterday I was at North (Kelantan). We've been there since last Friday (28th May 2010) till yesterday. I shall say, we have been traveling around like nobody biz. Eh, maybe kot! Oh yes darling, memang si kecik Daniel pun ikut sama. Di mana mama dier ader, di situlah juga baby boy mama pun akan ade sama. =D

Kalau last week sebab ikut hubby outstation. But this week sebab boss hubby kawin. So we travel all the way up there to attend the wedding. Ishh...terngiang-ngiang lagu kawan hubby nyanyi masa majlis tadi, " Bapak ku kawin lagi...". Ahahah..very funny ah!

The bride & groom - Wani & Fariz

Kesian Daniel kepanasan and keletihan sampai tertidur during the wedding.
(On the bride's side at Ketereh, Kelantan)

We stayed at Ridel Hotel, situated exactly at Wakaf Che Yeh. It's a boutique hotel. Hotel ni pulak baru je bukak. We were told that we are the 9th customers checked-in.

Ridel Boutique Hotel.
(Picture Credit to Ridel Hotel website)

Daniel terus terbaring kegembiraan dapat baring on the comfy bed.

Talking about Wakaf Che Yeh ni...Seriously area ni memang happening. Malam penuh dengan stalls macam ala-ala uptown kat area ni. From bahan mentah to clothing, tudung, kain ela, foods stalls and ahhh...banyak la. You name it! Owh..btw, have you heard or perhaps tried Sup Belut? spell it right. Sup Belut. Takpun, nak lagi best Paprik Belut. Haw haw haw.. Rasa dier? Rasa dier seindah nama dier la. Ahahaha. Eh..ok ok serious la ni.. -_^
Anyway, I haven't tried Paprik Belut yet ler.. But Sup Belut tu sedap gak la. Accept korang jangan la dok bayangkan rupe mende tu ala-ala "you-know-wut". Heepp...babap kang! Kembang plak tekak ni biler bayangkan mende tu. You can find those pelik food kat sini, easily. Almost every food stalls ader jual. Sayangnya I forgot to snap some photos of the soup.

We bought this comel ketayap at Wakaf Che Yeh.
Haha...Daniel look so cute la! He looks so grown-up dah.

One of Kelantan's signature dish - Nasi Kerabu.
( Psst! The cut green chili with filling stuffed inside called Solok Lada is my fav too.)

In next entry, we were at Thailand. Yeeehaa!

** Nota Kaki Yang Wangi : Sedar tak sedar, dah seminggu I tak update blog ni. Sedey plak rasanyer. Walhal banyak hal yang I nak celoteh panjang and to share with you all. InsyaAllah, draft-nyer dah ader. Tinggal nak complete a bit here and there and publish je.

So stay tune ye!

Sawadeeekapppp! =)

Genap umur Daniel 4 month and 2 days, he dapat jejak abroad. Thailand. I consider my son as a very lucky baby. Even myself, this is my first time to Thailand.

Entering the BIG GATE.

Sawasdee. Golok oh Golok.

We were too hungry. So hubby's fren brought us to one of the restaurant around there. The food tastes really nice. The real tomyam taste.

Kailan Ikan Masin.
Sedap sangat. It's a lot dryer than the one we had here.

Tomyam Seafood. Very refreshing.
The tomyam tastes really different than the one we commonly had.

My FAV !
Kerabu Sotong. They used salad in the kerabu. Sangat modern..haha!

The antique bottle. It's actually a mineral water inside.
I was told that glass materials are a lot cheaper in Thailand compared to plastic material.

The guys that brought us to Thailand. Thank you! =)
(top pic; Khairil and bottom pic; Faris aka Budu)

Daniel also busy joining the conversation.
Men's talk la konon nyer. =P

My heroes!

I found out their building design quite different than ours. Terase pelik pulak berada kat tempat orang yang kiter tak faham bahase dier. Rase alien pulak kiter ni.

The petrol station.

One of the vehicle shop.

Haa...this is the most interesting part of our trip. Thai massage. Yes yes...they flip flop flap you around. And you'll go kroookk kraaaakk prakkkk! It's one of my scariest experience. Not bad though. Quite is RM 28 per head for 2 hours session.

She was trying to repair hubby's back ache.

The facial massage.

Nasib baik Daniel boleh layan tido during our massage session.

** Nota kaki : Sayang tak dapat spend time lama kat sana. As we were quite rushing on that day. Hope to go further next time.

Salam Ceria

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sunblock the Savior.

After travelling so far far away to an island, I shall call you crazy...if you end up not going to the beach because of afraid to the sun. DANNGG!!! Meh sini..tumpang ketuk kepala sikit. -_-

Everyone deserves to be sun-kissed. Even the little ones. And that includes my little 3 months baby boy too. Of course the old-folks usually would say a big NO NO of bringing your small babies to the open sun. I respect their reasons of saying so. However, I always believe that by having enough knowledge over whatever matters may help you to get prepared.

Therefore, in this case SunBlock is my savior. Sunblock is very essential when you are exposed to the sun. However, be caution too...babies are not advisable to be exposed on the direct sunlight especially at out tropical weather. Between 10 am to 4 pm tu I shall say a big NO NO. Unless that place is sheltered. Kalau tak kesian baby tu kena sunburn.

From my studies, I find out that babies are recommended for higher SPF. Meaning... at least SPF 15. The higher is the better. Choose the one which protect 'double spectrum', meaning it protects against both UVA and UVB.

Therefore, my choice of sunblock for my baby would be Banana Boat with SPF 50 !

E'eh? Ni bukan sunblock for adult ker? True!

Actually, sunblock for adults is fine to be used on babies too. have to make a patch test on your baby's back first! This is just to make sure he does not have a reaction to it.

How to use ?
1. Apply a small amount of lotion to exposed area.
2. Apply onto baby skin at least 15 - 30 minutes before exposing the baby to the sun or entering the water.
3. Make sure to reapply every 2 hourly or every after swimming and towel drying.

Also, not to forget..if your baby is below 6 months, make sure to dress him adequately. A proper swimming attire is a bonus!

Loving my baby skin.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Bulan Going Green.

Owh my...what a weekend!
I was having a cleaning spree like mad. Doing it all by myself, plus a baby to take care is surely a challenge! However, I'm very satisfied. Although I am not quite complete yet.

A clean, organized and healthy environment house seriously means alot to me. Not to forget a healthy and clean earth to live in too.

Waste that I managed to gather for recycle.
Plastics & Bottles.
There is more to come, of course.

oOoowhh yes! I've always wanted to do things like this. Ugly but truth, this is my 1st time to go for recycling. Maybe I am too selfish before, just thinking about work and money. And too stingy with my 'time' to care and love for the earth I'm living in.

The first step is always the hardest part. Somehow, I have taken mine.
And how about you?

I'm loving the EARTH.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Redang Island day THREE.

The third day. Our last day. Fuhh..last nite lepak sembang with Eena and Linda about so-many-topics till almost 3 am. From the beach bar and sambung lagi lepak kat bilik. Hehe. Yang bestnyer, baby boy ni punya la lena! Syukur sesangat Daniel dah tak meragam macam malam semalam.

However, macam maner lena pun si dia...seperti biasa, sharp 6 am dier dah bising nak nenen. He is the one and only my best jam loceng eva! Because of him I mampu terjaga. Kalah jam loceng ayam budak dorm sebelah tu dulu. Sangat sakit jiwa dengar bunyi jam tu okayy.. =P

Again, I kejutkan daddy around 7 am. Kononnyer daddy ni kater nak gi mandi laut or pool. Apakan daya...harapan tinggal harapan. Daddy ni kuak lentang atas katil je la. Lagi kuat kiter goyang kejutkan dier, lagi kuat dengkuran dier. Iskk...I pun sambung la tido balik, seems si kecik ni pun dah lena semula.

Around 10 am, we getting ready to pack our stuff. 11.30 am max dah kena check-out. Awal tu! Eena ajak lepak at their room, tapi daddy malas nak angkut our luggage yang sangat bagak tu naik tangga. So we end up lepak kat lobby je.

Daniel yang mood dah mula tak best sangat. Cian anak mama, kepanasan agaknyer.

Lastly end up lena di buai mimpi kat atas sofa lobby.

Daddy and me dah start to fall in love with this drink. Virgin Margarita.

Us..trying to kill the time.

Daddy and Dann (Eena's hubby) lepak kat depan boat while on our way back.

Flight back supposedly around 3pm, but a bit delayed pulak. Around 4 pm tak silap, baru take-off from the island. Hmmm..terasa berat je hati nak tinggalkan tempat ni. Sebab memang sangat best and of course chanteekkk. Plus, dapat pegi dengan kawan-kawan yang sekepala..memang best!

Haa...yang ni best! On the left is Daniel's bag nenen. Can u spot the flask and the bottles?!

Cian dier kena layan tido dalam kepanasan.

The beauties ( cheeewah!! ;-P)
From left; Kak Long (as they called her), Kak Uteh (sorry I forgot her real name, slightly at the back), Kak Eka, Eena, Linda, Mama (me of course) and Mamasan! (Mama's Son).

Daddy's getting ready for the flight.

Us... (Sorry son..gambar ter-crop).

Waiting for my turn.

Naik je flight baby boy ni bangun la pulak. Right after take-off terus bagi nenen.

Thanks to Eena and Dann for bringing us here. Sorry ler takpat nak join snorkeling ngan korang. Maklum ler...biler dealing dengan si kecik ni memang very unpredictable. Anyway, you guys memang sempoi!

Daddy and I plan to come back again soon. Perhaps masa Daniel dah besar sikit. Baru best! =D

**Nota kaki : Biler kiter mula bergantung hidup atas orang lain, hidup ini dah tak seindah dulu. Malangnyer... =(

Salam Comel

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Redang Island day TWO.

1st nite at Laguna Redang Island Resort was quite tiring. Baby boy ni end up tak boleh tido pulak. Adehh..meragam je all along. Almost every half an hour dier bagun. Hmmpph..dah lama dier tak buat perangai gini. Kesian..maybe perubahan angin. Takpun sebab tempat baru. Dengan penuh kasih sayang, I tabahkan juga melayan mood dier. Kecian anak mama ni. Around 6 am baru dier boleh tido lena sikit. Maka, barulah I dapat tido... zzZZzz.

But then, apalah maknanyer kalo gi holiday jejauh but end up tido je keja, kan? Ish ish daddy ni....hepp (e'eh..tetiba plak) =P. Like around 10 am, I dah terpacak tak puas hati. Hehe. Sebab kena juga bawak anakanda ni mandi laut or mandi wat-so-eva.

That building is where the hotel lobby located. Cantik kan? Haa..tau takpe!

The heavenly beach.

Nak ke resort tu anda kena meniti titi yang sangat challenging. *Nyesal tak amek gamba titi tu =(

We were lucky kot. Coincidentally Star Cruise boleh pulak port kat situ that day.
Tolonglah jealous ! =P

Tepuk-tepuk daddy suruh bangun, hmmmphhh...harapan! Tak gerak langsung. Sedey. Kitorang missed the 'marine park' snorkeling trip pukul 9.30 am tadi. Haisshhh. Dah la semalam pun sama. =( Nak gi breakfast pun macam dah terlepas. Demmit. Kena tunggu lunch buffet je la gini.

Pool side yang sangat sempoi. Suker!

So apelagi while waiting for lunch hour, I pun bawak la baby boy ni gi mandi manda kat swimming pool. Amboiii....bukan main happy lagi dier. Owhh..jangan lupa pakai sunblock ye. The higher SPF is the better for baby.

Haa..ratakan sunblock begini, begini dan begini ye makcik - makcik.

Dah ready! Sekarang boleh torojon (terjun) ...

Daddy 1st time bawak Daniel mandi pool.

Mama's 2nd time bawak Daniel mandi pool. Yesterday was the 1st. Too bad daddy takpat join.

Daddy sangat seronok. Daniel agak cuak takut tertelan air chlorine pulak nanti.

Mandi sampai kepenatan. So...nenen time!

Lepas lunch, kitorang layan lepak dalam bilik for a while. Sebab matahari terik sangat. Kesian Daniel kalau mandi time terik macam ni. Takut demam pulak. So around 4 pm, we all baru bawak dier jalan to the beach. Wahh..bukan main besar lagi mata dier tengok crystal clear beach tu.

Lepas mandi nenen again. Sebab tadi macam tak cukup.
(Daniel tunjuk skill can hold up his bottle at 3 months old).

On our way to lunch. Can you spot the Star Cruise at the back?

This was taken after lunch.

Redang Island beachhhh... we're coming for you!

Guest bersantai kat resort sebelah. This was about 5 pm. So tak ler panas sangat.

Daddy (isn't it obvious tengah tahan nafas - nak cover puyut..hehe) and Razi (Linda's hubby).

Owh btw, kitorang been informed that kat hujung beach tu ader baby shark. And memang betul our friends dapat tengok those shark. Memang jinak. Macam-macam size.

The other lagoon next to ours. Banyak boat. Macam agak ngeri to swim around.

On our way back. There are Eena, Dania, Kak Uteh and Linda. They all are very satisfied lepas jumpa baby shark.

Later that nite baru we've been informed that rupanyer 'mak' shark pun ader situ jugak. Haha. Terkujat semua orang. Haaa..tapi jangan takut. Those shark tak makan orang. Nape? Sebab shark tu semua tak doyan la nak makan daging liat manusia yang rasa petai jering ni. Kat tempat shark tu lepak lagi banyak food yang enak-enak. Haa..pilih je ikan ape nak. Siakap masak stim? Kerapu masak tiga rasa? Pari barbeque? Hmmm..Macam-macam ada! =P

Memandangkan dah malam last, we all lepak kat tepi beach sambil layan minum. Huhu. Minum? Cheh...minuman yang halal ler. (-_-)" Owh..and malam tu jugak I baru tahu yang mocktail itu selamat untuk diminum. Thanks Linda for informing. Kuno betul I ni..haha. And malam tu jugak daddy and I baru tau Virgin Magarita sangat superb!!!! Perrghhh. Harus try lagi.

Nota kaki : Linda kater at La Bou Dega lagi superb. (Eh..betul ker I eja?! ampun..)

Malam tu sebbaik la baby boy dah tak meragam lagi. Syukur Alhamdulillah. Lena dibuai mimpi
malam tu. Maybe penangan mandi pantai and swimming pool dari pagi tadi.

His favorite activities these days..making bubbles!

My two dear heroes...

Nota kaki untuk gambar kaki, pening tak ayat ni. Hehe.

Salam Cayang