Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Bunch of LOVE at Cameron Highland Trip

Saturday (17th April 2009)

Me and hubby left after work that night ( I came back from work close to midnite) and after a rushed dinner we shoot straight up to Cameron Highland. Hubby were very excited but also I noticed he was pretty tired to drive up there. I totally knocked out on our way there after a very tiring week at work. Pity him that he have to drive all by himself. By the time I was awake we were already at Ringlet. The road was pretty scary I must say. Dark and cold. And jungles all around us.

We reached by the bungalow around 5 am. Everyone was asleep. Ayah opened the door for us. And we went straight to bed too at once we've settled our stuff.

At 9 am ibu started to wake us up for breakfast. Oh my...we really had a very hard time to open our eyes at that moment. Seems we have no choice as everyone in the room was already awake and busy lingering around for breakfast. Oh yeah...each family have to share and squeeze ourselves in a room. There were almost about 10 families in the bungalow. Thank God that it was quite a huge room to fit us all. But somehow me and poor hubby end up sleeping on the floor. At that moment I wished so much that we can find a hotel room for ourselves. Yet I know Ibu will be verryyy dissapointed as if we're trying to isolate ourselves.

Trying to take our nap again after breakfast but we simply can't. The hall was very busy with our relatives. And we ended up joining them. The view was awsome I have to admit.

This photo was taken at the backyard. It's simply awesome isn't it ! Sadly for the day one, it was shiny on that noon. But later it's start drizzling. Feeling bored ourselves we decided to go for a tea break later that evening by the tea valley. Silly me I don't have any photos captured when we were there. The view is picturesque. It's called Cameron Bharat Tea Plantation Valley.

After dinner that nite my sis, bro in-law, hubby and myself drop by at the Pasar Malam (nite market). It was still drizzling. But I don't wanna miss a chance to pay a visit there as I'm sure I can find some cool stuff there. But the funny thing is..I only end up buying a Rubic Cube myself. Haha!!

Because of the unpredictable weather that day. We decided to full use our day tomorrow.

Sunday (18th April 2009)

It was almost noon. When everyone almost done with their stuff. We all determine to visit the Tea Valley at Sg. Palas. The root to go there is pretty small to fit two ways. There's some problem we have to face when we met another car passing by. However we safely arrived to the destination.

What a beautiful place ! Since my last visit, it seems that they had some modification here and there. We are not allowed to drive straight up the hill where the place are. Therefore we have to climb all the way there. It surely shouldn't be a problem to me and my family. But seems like my other relatives started to show unhappy faces. I started to feel very unpleasant about it. Which my other sibling felt the same way too. "Aahhh..pedulikan lah!", my hearty whispered. I just wanna make sure that this trip is going to be meaningful to me, hubby and my family.

Once we're up the hill, everyone start to be busy taking pictures here and there. For the sake of memory. As usual me and hubby would stop by the tea shop to chill. Sadly, others seems annoyed and plan to leave. I couldn't been bothered more. Let them be! So they leave and only Uncle Noh's and my family left. We surely had a good time though. It was drizzling at that moment. But we simply don't wanna miss the chance of being there. The view is totally stunning!!

However, we couldn't spend there any longer. We got to rush back b4 3pm to check-out. But we managed tho to drop by at Kea Farm to get some vege, flowers and obviously munchies!!! ehehehehe...my fav would be the 'fried kimchan and fried mushroom'. Yummy!!

Rushed to the bungalow, packed our stuff and ready to go. Owh...we managed to captured some photos around the bungalow before we leave anyway.

Oh well, our trip there wasn't that bad anyway. Although there's some limitation here and there as we have to move around in a big group. Tiring but was still okay.

Monday, April 27, 2009

A Blissful Weekend Together

Friday (24th April 2009)

It's been one of the longest time ever I've been lost in my own world. Feeling pretty excited when I heard the words of "you may continue this job on monday itself, don't you?" from my producer. My heart jumped. Yeayyyy...finally I can owned my weekend!!!

Right away I told hubby that I'll be free finally for the weekend. Suddenly he come up with an idea of going out of town. Where to? "Genting Highland" he answered. "WHat? are u serious?! It will be a waste if we overnite there for only half day" I continue arguing. " We don't have to sleep there tho..we'll be back on the same nite", he replied. My heart was half convinced as I know him very well. But yes I do need a break. A break to be with him alone.

Right after work we rushed home and ready ourselves for the trip. I was so exhausted that I fell asleep on our way there. When we almost there hubby woke me up, my head was kinda dizzy at that time as the road was very sharp corner. We got there almost 10pm. The weather was cold and windy.

We dashed to Kenny Rogers to get some food. Afraid that if it's gonna close soon. Seems like it's not so we decided to take a walk around the mall. I ended up buying him some clothes from the PDI concept store. As he's been asking for it since last month. It's a treat from me to him. And he bought me a Teddy Dream Perfume oil for me ( for my car fragrance - my fav!). And we went straight up to Kenny Rogers again to fill up our grumbling tummy.

Later we went to chill around the Indoor Theme Park, but nothing to see by then as most of them are closing. Therefore as we planned before we want to chill by the Starbuck for some hot cups. And suddenly he told me that he felt sleepy ( a hint I guess) ....hmmm...a usual old trick as he always does. At first I ignored, but then after he convinced me that he'll be able to get a room without paying a cent. So I agreed. Haha...it's really wierd that time because we didn't bring anything at all. No toiletries, no clothes....totally nothing!

Yet not bad for an unplanned trip though. Although I wish it never happened again or else I might end up spending close to RM50 for some silly toiletries.

Saturday (25th April 2009)

We came back the next day close to midnite. Been going around the mall again to grab some stuff that I've been eyeing for last nite. Had our lunch at the hidden mamak stall at the basement area. Had some cuppa coffee at the Old Town Kopitiam opposite the Theme Park Hotel. Had some walk around the park to feel the chillness. Left Genting Highland around 6pm++. On the way back we had to stop by the road side as I'm feeling nausea (wonder why I've been getting this quite frequent lately).

For dinner we stop by around Taman Melati at Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa restaurant. Hubby keep mentioning that he felt very proud with the malay owner of coming up with this concept. I have to admit I do feel it too.

Sunday ( 26th April 2009)

It's our big day ( cleaning day). After very loooong months of being very occupied and now I'm very determined to make up my house today. Had a bad experience with hubby last month about arguing the house condition and end up myself paying his laptop screen for such costly unworthy price. And now we end up cooperating with each other to do it together. I've make a long list of wut-to-do-for-a-day-makeover. After all the hardwork, by end of the day I end up smiling looking at the house speak and span. From the yards till on every rooms in the house. Tidy and neat. Now my mind feeling as tidy as the house. God bless.

As for our success, later that night we had a date outside together with our dinner. Just the two of us. Chatting and laughing and enjoying the moment together. Which I've been longing for that. And I believe hubby feels the same way too. We spent our nite out to almost midnite.

Went home and finalize some laundry thingy to do. And zzZZZzzzzz.

***As conclusion I had a great time together with him. Thanks sweetheart.