Monday, September 8, 2008

It's a Lovely Monday

Dear blog,
It's 7.51am now. And I just arrived my office. No one is around. And that makes me the 1st person today. Oh well, I can't sleep last nite. Just manage to get about an hour 'sleep' or maybe i should call it as 'nap'. Maybe it's because I woke up quite late afternoon yesterday.

This cough still sicken me. Wish it will end soon. It felt worst as I have to fast during the day.
Hmm...maybe I should get some medicine later after work. (-_0)

Dear blog..
I felt so happy last nite. My close friend Wanie just gave birth to a handsome prince, name Qhadanish ( I hope I did make the spelling rite ..hehe). Oh's such a pleasant feeling to see my close friend having her 1st child. I can see that she is still very tired, yet very verryyy happy of her new born. I wish I have my camera with me to capture that moment, but I was from my mom's house earlier.
So too bad laa...Perhaps soon, I will see her again and snap some pics of her and Qhadanish.

Later I went 'yamchar' with my old buddies (Zihan, Syahrul and Zack) at Kelana Jaya.
Catching up backdated stories is kinda fun! = P

Owh..last but not least,
I have new theme for my blog now..Haha! Isn't cool?!!
From now on I'm 'Bulan'. 'Bulan' means moon.
And why 'moon'?
It's your part to figure out..
*wink wink*

It's 8.55am now. Gotta rush for the monthly meeting.
Cya again my dear blog~


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Thank you... =)

This entry is I just wanna wish a special thank you :"> to my head dprtment for putting the effort of removing that annoying sofa behind me. I know it has been there for ages.
And I am verry veryyy glad that it is gone now.

..Thank you ekk..

As an appreciation as I think it's a wonderful favor u have done for me, proudly I wanna dedicate u this, enjoy!!


Dear blog..

Dear blog..
It's 2.59am rite now.
And I just came back from Subang Jaya for some delivery and meet up with my sister.
It's been a while tat I dun really do some write up in here. Kinda miss u my dear blog. =)
First of all, I felt so thankful for you dear blog to be my most loyal and best fren ever.
Or else it's pretty suck to keep all this misery and burden all by myself.
At least I have you to talk to.

Oh well my dear blog..
I dun really feel good these days. Maybe I kinda too tired. Lotsa things to catch up.
Hardly find some time for myself these days.

Life went pretty hectic lately.
Somehow I know it's all for my own benefits.
There's ups and downs for sure. Yet it's best if i can share with someone wutever story i've gone thru.

Yeah it's true practically i have my spouse to be my other half to complete me.
But then, blame me if i sounded not being thankful...
because I deny no I do feel like I am all alone.

I dun wanna be selfish myself.
Probably it is my fault. Or there's maybe it's yours too, darling.
I know we both of are trying our best to make more money for our living and always keep ourselves busy by wutever time we have.
And that may results no quality time together.
It's kinda sad actually seeing each other everyday and not really talking. :(

I ain't complaining abt you darling.
True, you are a nice guy. Everyone loves you.
Your friends loves your company. And I'm happy for you.
Yet darling, wut about us?
I know I am not always there for you as well.
And is that should be a punishment for wut it is now?
Don't you think it's quite unfair?
It's not I no longer care for you. I do darling.
I'm trying my best to be there for you and provide wutever needs that I should provide you as your other half.
I do am trying my best.

No, u know me best that I don't argue much these days.
And I know same goes to you. We'll end up just keep silent and not talking.
Thinking that it will solve itself. Yet we know it never is.

After some times, it turns to be a fungus in our heart.
It sounds crazy but believe me it's true.

*i'm lost*

Does it still exist?
or we just left no option and have to be there for each other.

Dear God, bless us.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

It's Not Thursday laa..It's Friday!!!

Whooaa...wut the hell wrong with me now.
Been busy that I can even forget the days. Maybe this fasting month had turned my normal time management a bit upside down. NOooOo...I'm not complaining dear, I'm still in the process of learning and adapting this new thing. (hehe..sounds better rite? ;) )

Okay.. so last nite if I'm not mistaken I think I slept almost half past 1am. Was veeewy exhausted.
Just imagine till up to a point when u are soOoo tired to an extend that you feel like vomiting.

Delivery and clients is all about it.
I had two delivery last nite and even before that I have to do some preparations for the delivery before hand. Gosh..seriously my eyes barely open after the break-fast. So I have no choice but to drag hubby to do the driving. Thanks to him. **clap clap...

Came back already pass midnite. Half dead me. Turned on my pc. Checked some new orders for the boutique. Had some warm chat..(owhh, gud luck with ur thesis ;) ). Shower and zzZZZzz.

Woke up at 4.30am today. Sahur just with a burger (hubby request). Continue with some work. Nap a while and now here I am at work.