Friday, March 28, 2008

It's A Bad Day

Where is the moment we needed the most. You kick up the leaves and the magic is lost. They tell me your blue skies fade to gray. They tell me your passion's gone away. And I don't need no carryin' on.

You stand in the line just to hit a new low. You're faking a smile with the coffee you go. You tell me your life's been way off line. You're falling to pieces every time. And I don't need no carryin' on

Because you had a bad day. You're taking one down. You sing a sad song just to turn it around. You say you don't know. You tell me don't lie. You work at a smile and you go for a ride. You had a bad day. The camera don't lie. You're coming back down and you really don't mind. You had a bad day.

Will you need a blue sky holiday?
The point is they laugh at what you say
And I don't need no carryin' on.

Sometimes the system goes on the blink. And the whole thing turns out wrong. You might not make it back and you know. That you could be well oh that strong. And I'm not wrong.

So where is the passion when you need it the most. Oh you and I????
You kick up the leaves and the magic is lost.


Monday, March 10, 2008

What Ever It Comes

Take time to realize.That your warmth is crashing down on in.

Take time to realize. That I was on your side didn't I. Didn't I tell you. But I can't spell it out for you. No it's never gonna be that simple. No I can't spell it out for you

If you just realize, what I just realized. That we'd be perfect for each other. And we'll never find another.

Just realize, what I realized. We'd never have to wonder. If we missed out on each other, now.

This could all pass you by, didn't I tell you.

It's not the same. No it's never the same. If you don't feel it too. If you meet me half way. If you would meet me half way. It could be the same for you.

Of we missed out on each other now. We'd never have to wonder. If you just realized what I've realized. We'd never have to wonder.

We were perfect for each other. Now it's not gonna be that simple.

If we realized.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I Need You Boo

There's a huge emptiness in my room. My mind and soul linger around to find something to do.
Yet, thinking where does everything has gone wrong again this time.

I need him in my life. I miss him to be around in my life. Yet I can't change faith.

Am I going to fall again? I asked myself. Am I going down again in my life. Should I just leave all this behind. The questions goes on and none answerable.

Why is this happening to me.

Life without a conversation. Life with tears. Laughter to just cover my sadness, my emptiness. But it's all to hide what my heart misery.

Where does things has gone wrong? Am I suppose to be blame?
Truth is not by seeking, but time will tells.

Here I'm again. Sitting myself at a corner of my room. Thinking of u. Me. Us.

What is the ending going to be...

Unfortunately, my heart felt so empty. Unanswered. Mystery...

p/s : I miss my boo...

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Better In Time

Today sun I woke up and felt so weak. My body was shivering. A huge headache hardly make me stand. My nose felt numbed. I tried to get up and put down my leg on the floor. My foot felt like on ice.

I need to go to work. I tried to take hot shower, thought can make me feel a lot better. Yet, it doesn't work. The fever doesn't goes off. After put on my clothes. I took my keys and left to the clinic.

Once I stepped in the doctor greet me warmly and asked, "You look really sick my dear...". I smiled dryly to him and sat myself next to him. After some check up. He told me that, my body seems very weak today and my condition seems quite bad. "I think you might need to get a very good rest today yah". I nodded slowly. The nurse gave me some medicines. And I left to home.

I step in my house. My vision was so blur. I tried to get myself to bed. I lay down and tried to make myself comfortable.

From my bed, I look around the house. I felt so empty. Realizing no love around. Am all alone. To take care myself. Love is not around.

I thanked God for the beautiful days He blessed me these days. And continued praying please help me out of this pain. Please make me better in time.
Soul, Heart, Mind, Body.

I smiled and slowly close my eyes.

I know I'll be better in time.
Yes, I know, I'll be Better In Time.

p/s : I love to love. I love to be loved.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

By Loving You

By loving you, I get to know the truth about life. I'm thankful that at least I've tried to love you my best. Although I didn't get any as return back before, but at least I've met my true love.

By loving you, I've learned to accept the facts of life that I thought I could never bare with. The worst thing One can imagine.

I was young and in love. I gave you everything but it never been enough for you.

You know it's little too late. You had your moment comes. But you never gonna change.

By loving you, I've become stronger and belief that I have to let go and sacrifice my only love for his happiness for being with someone else.

So let me on down. Cause time will and has made me strong. Your chance has come and gone. Yet my everything never been enough for you. And you know why.

To be real, it doesn't matter anymore anyway.

Your time had come, and you have made your vows. It's little too late.

Monday, March 3, 2008

You Are Still The One

There is so many things that I've gone through in life.
Sometimes none simply describable.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

From This Moment On

From the moment I met you, I saw rainbows in the sky. You have brought me the blessing from God. Nothing more beautiful can be than this. And I thanked you every single day.

Everyone went through the hard times. My dark sky has ran since you are here. The sun shines my day from the moment on.

All I want is just your happiness. To make u smile every single day. Before the time comes. And I want to give my hand to you with all my heart.

I really want to live my life with you. And if my dream comes true, it is you where I belong. There will be nothing that I couldn't give. I'll give it all to you. The dreams that we ever wanted.

If our dream comes true.