Thursday, January 31, 2008

It's Thursday.

Hi there!

Well, today I open my blog a bit late. Now it's 1.15pm. And I just came back from lunch. should I start today?

Ntah laa.. :( Frankly, I am not feeling really good today. In other word, I am not in a good mood. Sigghh**

There's too much things in my head now. I'm feeling so down. Same goes as yesterday. You must be wondering what make me so tense today? or...wut the hack she's talking about? Well, I'm not sure myself..I mean not sure how to describe it here yet. Everything is so mixed up. Maybe the frustration still all over me. I'll just let it cool down first in me then I'll slowly let it go.

Oya, before I end up this post for usual I'd love to report in what am i working on now. I've just started to model Mitsubishi I. It's a cool car. And verryy stylish. InsyaAllah, later when I'm done I'll try to post it here.

Got to go now.


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It's Wednesday.

Morning Sunshine !!

It's 10 am now. The server in my department was down this morning so no choice la baru sekarang dapat online.

Anyway, I am feeling a bit better today. Not as sluggish as last 2 days.

I am going to continue doing the Final Drive project for my head department. Hoping to finish it all today so that tomorrow I can start doing other stuff. I left about hmm...lemme see. Oya...2 and half shots to go. Yeayy!! then can start render all. Thanxie to our render farm here.

Btw, Mitsubishi project is waiting for me to start. Huhuuu...wish me luck !!!


Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Antah Recreational Club Dinner 2008

My stomach is so grumpy right now. I am starving like hell!!! Argghh...

While doing my work, I curi-curi trying to post my last company ARC Dinner 2008. It was held at Corus Hotel, Kuala Lumpur on last 26th January 2008. It's a simple event yet fun tho. I haven't been going for a proper function for quite sometime already. So, it's kinda cool to layan it once in a while rite?!

Me and Dave (Online Editor)

Me and Nieza (Producer)

Me and my coolest hairband ! (the Polker Dot Bra theme...haha!)

Me and Hong showing of our Itsy Bitsy Tinnie Winnie Polker Dot Bra.

Me and cheeky Hong.

Happy waiting for the dinner starts.'s lunch time already! Will continue later...

It's Tuesday. What can I do on Tuesday?!

Morning Sunshine!!

It's 9.40am now. Owhh...sorrry. My watch is about 10 mins earlier.

I came a bit late today. Still feeling a bit drowsy. Darn, my bed was so comfy okay! not my fault lah to wake up a bit late! duhhh...

Anyway, i need to get some decaf now. To give myself some perk up!

Cya later ~

Monday, January 28, 2008

Hey what are u looking at ??!!

My one and only nephew I have. Nur Amylea Aishah. She's the dearest baby in my heart. I miss her so much. Haven't been seeing her for about a week now.

This picture was taken some where end of last year by the park @ Subang Jaya. I manage to capture it candid with this funny face. Haahaaa!! I love this pic so much ...


It's 1.28pm now here. Just had my lunch.

Currently i am listening to Me Love song by Sean Kingston. Trying to get a hip mood to do my work.

I dunno why..I don't feel good about my last work. I felt very unsatisfied because I didn't manage to come out with a realistic fire effect as how the client requested. There must be a way! I will still try to figure out how, although the job is already over.

Well, today I have decided to continue to finish up The Final Drive project that my head Department got sponsored from MDec. It's still half way through.

Back to Work Again

Morning dude!

It's January 28, 2008, Monday today.

What a sunny day. And I don't feel like Monday. Still very exhausted from the last job. I arrived to work a bit late today, but hey....i got permission okay. Hahaaaaa!

Anyway, still figuring out what best to do by now seems like i still feel drowsy.

Ok lah! I got to go for now..will continue later.


Sunday, January 27, 2008

My Saturday and Sunday Fever

It's 11.27am right now. Sunday.

I am still at work. Working on the Toyota Launch TVC. Revision by revision coming in. Very tiring. I haven't been getting enough rest for about 3 days now. Keep imagining my comfy bed at home. Bestnyer...kalau dapat golek - golek atas katil.

Dine in TGI Friday

It's Thursday, 24th January 2008.

Job at work is getting tougher. Need to redo the research and i am so lost. It's a challange i know. But ahhh...too tired laa to continue. So I left office and heading towards The Curve.
I was thinking to grab a new dress for the dinner tomorrow. So i drove straight to Ikano, Damansara. Waaahh...PDI and Vincci on sale la! very very cheap you desire for shopping explodes. Damn...those shoes are gorgeous and on 50% sale some more. I can grab 2 pairs pun still ok wut!! But then, I still need to think of buying the new clothes for the ANTAH dinner tomorrow...dushh!! cannot cannot...patient babehh! Carik baju dulu...In my heart, saper la bijak sgt to come up such 'Color Power' theme. I guess those so colourful mcm clown can win the best dress i guess. Hmm..

Search punye search..nothing found. I got fed up. My stomach started to get grumpy. Need to find something to eat la. Heading straight to The Curve, Damansara...wowww plenty of nice restaurants around. But wut to eat ah? hmmm..TGI Friday? looks great..nice place to chill. Got promotion some more. 3 meals at only RM39.99++, 1 appetizer, 1 entree and 1 dessert. SLURPPPP!! sounds exciting for my grumpy stomach. Ok laah! TGI Friday here i come....

Hmmm..alamak, the menu so hard to understand la. Ape nak order ni? Blasah aje la. After a while, the appetizer is ready to be serves. Yummy, Mac and Cheese! it's still hot...and the cheese is still melting. Sedap! plus u can deep in the bolognese sauce. Perghhh! i tell u cannot resist lah!
Almost habis, then my entree comes in..alamak i'm almost full aledi. Mcm maner ni. It's ok, u can do it! It's Sizzling Sauted Chicken....errmm plus with the slimmy rice? errkkk...who on earth eat rice with melting cheese covering it? adehhh! The so called sauted chicken was sooo hard tau. I can even throw it to the supervisor and confirm he can faint immediately. I dont bluff bluff tau! I was like ...trying to swallow it so hard or maybe i can say force-swallow the food into my throat. My God, i swear i hate that meal ! Half regrat I pushed away my unfinished entree and waited for my dessert. Wishing the dessert can overcalm my my dessert in disappointment. Well, at first sight once the dessert been placed right infront me, I was a bit happy. It's a .....uhh! i forgot wut sundae it is. But it looks nice with a cherry on top of the whipped cream. Sounds yummy aih? Well, it isn't!!!! The ice cream taste as if it's already melt like an hour ago....aiyaaa! There goes my dinner. Feeling not satisfied at all. The price? what do u expect's TGI Friday of course la mahal. But at least i manage to finish my appertizer to the last piece. Tak la rugi sangat. I guess... (ayat nak sedapkan hati)

Then I went home in dissapointment. Too tired and feeling not happy. Thinking of a big job waiting for me tomorrow morning, and later need to rush for the ANTAH dinner at Corus hotel. Furthermore, I came back home tonite without any new dress to be wear tomorrow and spending for an expensive and unsatisfied dinner.

The lesson here..balik umah tido lagi baik!

Ok folks, good nite!!!